After the Rinjani, we return to Bali one last time a few days in advance before flying to Australia.

We have time to take a last dive together on the famous space of Liberty in Tulamben east of Bali. very pretty. It’s also fun to dive in the middle of the many divers who are doing their baptism here.

And then we spend a few days in Kuta, one of the world’s surf capitals. Here is nothing of Indonesia, there are only tourists, by the thousands. Department stores of all brands cover the world’s bondees streets.

In the evening the nightclubs are filled with young “crevices” (see Gilou, for over 40 years it does not mean they burst) who are rotated around by countless Indonesian whores. It must be recognized that some are really beautiful. Finally all I dislike well and Sylvain also after the time so quiet we spent on our islands of Indonesia.

I’m happy to leave Kuta, and sad from Indonesia where I imagine living well. Now Australia is going to be very depaysante.