Discovering Lake Resia and its bell tower

The Reschensee is a reservoir, built since the 30s of the twentieth century to produce hydroelectric energy, using two small lakes already present, the Lake Curon and, indeed, the Reschensee through a dam. The works ended in 1950 and, in addition to joining the two lakes, caused the total flooding of the ancient village of Curon.

Even today the peculiarity of this lake is the bell tower of the ancient church of Curon, dated around the second half of the 1300s, which rises from the bottom of the lake, reminding everyone of the presence of the small submerged town . On the shores today there is the new inhabited center, which has kept the name of the ancient one.

Lake Resia is the largest basin in South Tyrol , with its six kilometers long and one kilometer wide at the point of greatest distance between the coasts. During the summer the strong wind favors the presence of innumerable kitesurf enthusiasts; along the coasts there are many cycle paths, traveled every year by many tourists.

Every summer for twenty years thousands of running enthusiasts have gathered for the Giro Lago di Resia by night , which runs around the lake on a path illuminated only by the torches and front lamps of the participants. A male and a female race that respective winners, but also a race for children, the Apple Race, which takes place in the afternoon.

The shores of Lake Resia attract many visitors every year, thanks to the pleasant and cool climate , perfect even during the hottest summer. In winter the lake freezes completely for many weeks, allowing you to reach the Curon bell tower on foot.

During the winter months it is possible to stay in Resia or Curon or San Valentino to take advantage of the ski facilities and slopes in the western area of ​​the lake; nearby there are beautiful chalets that can be rented and even small guest houses in the woods.

The atmosphere in this area of Val Venosta is enchanting and Lake Resia is well known throughout Europe; to increase its charm there are also many legends , including the one that during the winter you can still hear the bells of Curon, with the partially submerged bell tower. In reality the bells were removed from the tower during the evacuation of the town.

At the time of the creation of Lake Resia, the Alto Adige population had considered these works as an affront by the Government towards the German-speaking minority that populates this area. Many were the protests but they were worth nothing, the works of raising the lake were continued to give life to the basin that today we can all admire.