Framura: the best trails and the most beautiful beaches

Framura is a small bay located in Liguria , near La Spezia, frequented above all by hikers, lovers of water sports and diving practitioners. This is because this slice of land overlooking the sea, is renowned for having seabed rich in flora and fauna and even a Blue Flag beach , composed of fine sand and white pebbles, is particularly pretty.

History of the village of Framura
Framura still keeps alive the echo of its origin dating back to the colonization of the pre-Roman Ligurian populations, which occupied Liguria extending its territory from the Tyrrhenian to the Po. The main inhabited center of Framura was formed around the ancient church of San Martino. After the Ligurian populations were conquered by the Romans, in the 2nd century BC, the ports of Framura became very flourishing. Subsequently, Framura and all Liguria passed under the Byzantine and then Lombard domination.

What to see in Framura
Framura is a sought after tourist resort with just 678 inhabitants. Framura is particularly suited to tourism that loves relaxing walks among the ancient paths and woods, as well as the coasts that hide splendid bays. To visit also the characteristic small port of Framura, set in a suggestive position on a rock inlet. There are also some churches to visit , such as the Parish Church of San Lorenzo, which houses “The deposition of Jesus” by the painter Luca Cambiasio. To see also the guard towers of the XVI century, testimony of the Genoese domination.

The beaches of Framura
The beaches of Framura , often reachable only through the paths, are all very characteristic, and give a feeling of isolation from the rest of the world that few other places manage to give. The main beaches are:

the Fornaci Beach, easily reachable either by car from Deiva Marina or from Framura, or on foot, via the forest path of Mount Serro, or even by train, arriving at the station of Deiva Marina. The beach is equipped and is among the most touristic in the area;
the Spiaggetta di Torsei which, due to its beauty and ease of access, is among the most popular of Framura. Even Torsei is easily reachable on foot, by bus or by car. The beach is equipped with all the comforts such as bar, toilet and shower;
the VallĂ  Beach, which is not a real beach but a small and sandy inlet protected by breakwaters. It can be reached from the east side of the Arena Beach or along the famous Via del Mare. The beach is not equipped;
the Arena Beach is the largest bay in Framura and perhaps the most beautiful because of the colors of its pebbles and the green vegetation that frames it. The Arena can be reached only on foot, through a path in the woods that starts from Anzo, or along the Via del Mare. The beach is not equipped.
The paths of Framura
Trekking and mountain biking in Liguria are the best way to walk the ancient paths of the area. In fact, there are many paths around Framura. In addition to the cycle path and the route from Castagnola to the small port that connects all the five villages of Framura , we remember the path that connects Castagnola with Sant’Agata, that is, with the hills of the hinterland, and what da Costa leads to the ancient castle of Vigo.