Gola del Furlo in the Marche: itineraries and trails

Few know the beautiful landscapes that Italy can offer and that have nothing to envy, not even to American canyons. In the Gola del Furlo the possible itineraries allow you to admire breathtaking landscapes. It is bordered by paths crossed by the river, which divides into two what was once a single massif.

Here you can perform many activities, from trekking to kayaking, but also climbing for the more sporty. Find out what to see and what to do at the Gola del Furlo .

The Gola del Furlo State Natural Reserve
The Gola del Furlo State Nature Reserve is a real paradise with a dream landscape that boasts truly unique specimens of flora and fauna. In the reserve there is, for example, a pair of golden eagles, the peregrine falcon nests in the rock walls while the honey buzzards and kestrels prefer the summit grasslands.

In this environment there is also the Apennine wolf, which moves to hunt deer, roe deer and wild boar. The reserve is also a reference point for those who love being in contact with the vegetation, as there are rather rare species such as Campanula tanfanii, Muscari tenuiflorum and Moehringia papulosa.

Gola del Furlo: the itineraries
In the Gola del Furlo the paths are simple and also suitable for families: they depart from the Tourist Information Point of the reserve and continue at the Candigliano floodplain area and then continue inside the Gola along the Flaminia road, up to the Grano del Grano long the pedestrian walkway created by the provincial administration.

Many people choose to go trekking along the hiking trails of the Gola del Furlo but it is better to check on the official site of the Reserve if those paths are passable and open (depending on the weather). The paths of the Gola del Furlo are many and suitable for everyone, both for the most trained sportsmen and for the simple tourists who want to enjoy a walk in the middle of nature.

On Sundays and public holidays the guides of the Reserve are available for free excursions in the protected area. Families and sports enthusiasts can enjoy a peaceful walk among the walls of the Gola del Furlo in a simple and flat path. This itinerary allows you to admire the many flowers that grow in the gorge and the animals that inhabit it like birds of prey. The routes are accessible to all (elderly, children, mothers with strollers, physical disabled, etc.) and are of short duration (1 hour and a half).

Gola del Furlo: climbing and water sports
At the Gola del Furlo, climbing can be a wonderful adventure ideal for plate lovers. But it is not for everyone: climbing requires a good deal of strength and resistance on the fingers and foot technique. The limestone is of good quality, with notches and holes, but it is not always easy to read, which is why we must already have experience. The exposure of the two sectors (east, south-east), allows for optimal scaling in mid-seasons. In winter the temperatures tend to be rigid while in summer it is possible to climb in the shade in the various sectors according to the time. This activity is allowed only on the south-eastern side of Mount Pietralata, in the site known as “Sasso Lino”.