Travel experts explain why we always come back to the same places

Usually, hardened travelers want to visit the most diverse places in the world. However, there are such special destinations that even the most adventurous want to return there several times.

But what makes such an important and irresistible place? Huffpost spoke with some travel experts to find out.

Without further ado, here are the ten qualities that make a destination worthy of a second visit. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a beautiful destination to review.

The affective value

I believe that many travelers revisit the places for their emotional value, the emotional bond created thanks to the wonderful experiences made in those places – often with family and friends “, s fold Nancy Schretter , managing editor of Family Travel Network.” As the bond becomes stronger, for visitors it is unthinkable not to return “.

Emotional connection can have deep roots. “One of my specialties is to plan the so-called Ancestral Destination Adventures: during these trips, the members of an extended family return to a city or a nation several times, even if they no longer know each other in their” country of origin “. HuffPost Lisa Vogele , travel consultant and writer.

“A client went to Ireland to visit her ancestors’ farm She met the current inhabitants who spent a few hours with her and her daughter, telling them what they knew about their previous owners. who has returned to Ireland to visit other places related to her family history “.

The link with the local culture and community.

“The places I want to go back to are those where I felt a strong connection with the place or the culture, a need to explore again and immerse myself beneath the surface”, explains Alex Reynolds, Lost With Purpose travel blogger . “The tourist attractions are beautiful and expensive, but it is the welcome you receive from people to leave a lasting impression, and I will also be able to tick all the items on my list of breathtaking views, but I will never stop learning from people and their culture”.

Creating personal relationships can be extremely powerful. “I’ve been in Italy ten times,” says Vogele. “Seven times out of ten I stopped in Bologna because what started as a acquaintance with three colleagues of my mother (who should have been my guide) turned out to be a precious friendship, even deeper when even between our partners have created a bond “.

“People come back to the same place to see friends and live with their communities,” Molly McCorkle, a senior editor at , told HuffPost . “Tulum, Ibiza, Burning Man, Mykonos … wonderful places that the community, with a conscious approach, helps to create and evolve.

An important historical heritage.

Even the interest in a particular historical period or a characteristic of a nation can act as a driving factor – the Renaissance in Italy, the “royal family” in England or the reconstruction of historical events, “explains Vogele. with a rich history to explore.

“A country like Italy is amazing!”, So travel writer and photographer Michael Luongo at Huffpost. “It boasts the largest number of UNESCO heritage sites and there are places of great cultural and archaeological interest – and just a few kilometers from your last trip, you can discover something completely different”.